Monday, 26 May 2008

We got tagged! - part two

Buggins tagged us through the alter-blog to a meme - here the rules in true buggins' words:

    • Answer at least three of the questions. Yes, I know a few look time-consuming and there are several of them. That's why I only ask for three. See? I'm nice!
    • Post them and the rules on your blog, and please link back to me here. Pretty please *^_^* ?
    • Comment here telling me and the rest of our little party where you're at and link to yourself.
    • That's all!
    • Oh yeah, don't forget to tag others!

OK... brace yourself... here we go:

What's the last book you read that you thought was really super, inspiring, you'd recommend it to most anyone?

Oh dear... a tough one because there are at least 3 books I would recommend, as far as my reads this year are concerned. At the risk of sounding a bit predictable/obvious, I'd go for A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini because I can imagine to be able to recommend to absolutely everyone. It is a beautifully written novel... if you want to know more, just follow the link for my review.

What food totally grosses you out, you'd never be able to touch it? Ew. Gag. *hurl*

I've been now vegetarian for almost 8 years, but even in my meat eating days I'd never ever tried anything with innards....guts... yuck!

Did you ever watch a scary movie that frightened you so much you were afraid of the dark afterward? I mean like you're lying in bed trying to sleep, but you have to pee, but you're scared to get up. It doesn't have to be recently; could be when you were a kid. So what movie was it?

It was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974, Tobe Hooper. Me scared back in 1981. That was seriously scary... however, when I watched it a few years ago, it did not feel that scary anymore. Must have been because I was watching it on my own at night on an old b/w tv set...there's something about scary films in b/w, don't you think?

Is there a song that makes you dance every time you hear it? Would you tap you feet and sing along to it in public?

Easy! Disconnected by Face To Face :) Those guys rock! (and there are tattoos!!)

Tattoos: yes or no? Do you have any? Tell us! Do you think they're gross? TELL US!

Yes from me...I like them (but not if the whole body is a tattoo!!). I don't have any because I am a chicken and too scared of the needle...ouch! But... I've always liked some of those sported by many musicians in punkrock bands. So. I've said it now.

When's the last time you laughed so hard your ribs ached and/or you nearly peed yourself? What made you do it?

Hmmm.. I think it was one of the jokey allegations my OH made about me strategically placing boxes in shady corners of the house, so that he can stomp his toes on them... kind of a planned maiming or so. His description of the act was so funny that I had tears running down my face and could not stop it!

Draw or doodle a picture of your pet(s) and post it if possible. Nothing fancy, don't be shy!

Ok... this is my interpretation of Miss Eve:

Go through a stack or box of your old music. Stuff that you may not have heard in years. Pick one and tell us about it. Is it as good (or as bad) as you remember?

First and Last and Always by the Sisters of Mercy... the LP!! I haven't listened to it for aaages but I still like it...reminds me of my last year at the university and a very happy time (my sense for dressing was a bit off, though...LOL!)

Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal? We won't laugh!

Not WITH, but there's a few stuffed animals very close by my bed:
two bunnies, a sheep and an angel dog, all hopefully watching over my sleep :)

Time to tag some people now.... so, here my choice of victims:

- Azzuka
- Anya's mum

Thanks for the meme :)


Crafty Green Poet said...

This looks like a fun meme, I look forward to doing this one - thanks for tagging me! I love your drawing of Miss Eve!

azzuka said...

Oh, I like this sort of games!!!

Thank you for tagging me!

Anonymous said...

great list - love the drawing and the cute stuffed critters :-)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Enjoyed that bunch of answers! It is a great drawing ...

d. moll, said...

I agree with so many others, I love your drawing of Miss Eve! She and Hugo seem like lots of fun.

Laraenigma said...

Ahhh had translated well then! And I thought that I had misunderstood instead! Try to do the design of my Yuri!

Thanks for having visited

Rabbits' Guy said...

My great grandfather on my Father's father's side was born in Germany in the 1830's and came to America in about 1880. About like wise with my grandmother's folks (on my Dad's side. I don't know where in Germany. So my Dad is fully German, my Mom was really much from England, but not much info there either!

During WW.2 we were Dutch! until about 1948 when it became "OK" again to be German and that is about when I can remember stuff!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Okay I've done! My answers are here:

buggins said...

Oh, I like your ink drawing very much! Gotta agree with you on the movie thing, too.
How's Blogger treating you? I may have to move my sites. Just a head's up! ;)

Süßstoff said...

That's really a great meme. I enjoyed reading your answers. Getting to know you better is nice!

Romi said...

Oh my! I love the bunny pic! :)

naturline said...

Thank you for tagging me!

Jo said...

Think your drawing is brill, it's a great meme, very revealing and interesting, one of the best I've seen in a while!