Friday, 25 July 2008

Hot weather is here!

...and Hugo is home too! He's been having now extra quality time with his lady bunny while I am rushing through packing for the big conference.

Hugo had is post-op checkup and Dani is happy with the look of the wound, and confessed she is surprised how well Hugo pulled through, as there was quite an awful lot of pus in the wound :( He was on two drugs for appetite stimulation and gut mobility (metaclopromide and zantac) but he does not need to take them anymore, as his outputs have been excellent :) He now has to be on Baytril (0.4 ml 2x) and Metacam (1x)until next Friday, but all in all he is doing well. Mr. D will now be in charge of the medication for the next days when I am gone, and I am glad for him that it is just the two and not more, because Hugo is not an easy patient and can be very squirmish!

Thanks for all who wrote the lovely messages of support...I will write to you in your blogs a proper thank you very soon :)

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Hugo's update

Well, I went in to the vets yesterday afternoon to visit Hugo and see how he was doing...the nurse brought him in the visiting room and let him romp around, and he was so excited sniffing and chinning anything in sight! He was surely bright and alert, but alas, he is still being fed Critical Care and although he likes the taste (or so the nurse said), he HATES being fed with a siringe!! Well, I would be furious too, wouldn't you? Yesterday still no poops, despite receiving gut mobility drugs etc, and still not eating on his own. He surely wants to make us suffer, the scoundrel!
This morning, Dani said he finally passed some currants, and he is still bright and alert but not she said if he still keeps on passing on currants he may be coming home this afternoon!! I have arranged to see him at 3pm, so if all goes well I can take him home then. Fingers crossed!

And now I shall leave you with a video of my furries that was shot in June... apologies for the not very steady camera hand!!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

More on the bunnies....

Thank you to all who left a comment on my new post here...I am glad we were not forgotten, despite all what happened...I read some very sad posts and I promise that I will make a commemoration entry for the bunnies who left us too soon, they deserve it, and also you slaves who cared for them until the very end.

After a weekend when Hugo seemed to be not quite his usual self, looking for more and more cuddles especially from Miss Eve, and after he hardly ate his breakfast (Miss Eve: "All the more for meeeee!!"), I brought Hugo to the vets this morning. Luckily, they had a free slot at 10am, which is quite unusual for a Monday. We suspected tooth spurs again, but Dani could not see much inside Hugo's mouth, only because he kept on chewing the end of the instrument!! So I left him there to be put under the anaesthetic and hoped to pick him up sometime after 5pm. Dani called after the dental, which turned to be more than just grinding down some spurs. She could see that one of the molars had some pus near the gum, and although it was not moving she thought it best to take off the tooth altogether. Hugo got painkillers and antibiotics, and although he recovered well from the anaesthetic and being alert already by 4pm, the vet suggested to keep him in for the night also because he wasn't eating, so...Critical Care had to be siringed in him. I will be getting a call in the morning to see when I can take him home. I hope he will have started eating by himself by then, otherwise we will have to have food fight with Critical Care!
Wish us luck, will you?

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Useless at blogging...

...and this is what happens when the weather improves, the bunnies demand to be left out in the garden more often, and the days suddenly are too short to do much on the net. I have been neglecting plenty, but I have been knitting quite a bit and...I am still alive! Sock Wars III is still going on, and I haven't been socksinated yet, isn't it incredible?
I have plenty of pics to upload and catch up with the blogs of all the friends here...I am ashamed to say that I haven't had much time for reading online either, as most of the time when I am on the PC nowadays it is all about work.
Talking about work, there is a big conference looming, and after that I will have two weeks off to sort out house, blog and myself. In the meantime, I will leave you with a few pictures...

Hugo's relaxing (and sunbathing)