Monday, 26 May 2008

We got tagged! - part two

Buggins tagged us through the alter-blog to a meme - here the rules in true buggins' words:

    • Answer at least three of the questions. Yes, I know a few look time-consuming and there are several of them. That's why I only ask for three. See? I'm nice!
    • Post them and the rules on your blog, and please link back to me here. Pretty please *^_^* ?
    • Comment here telling me and the rest of our little party where you're at and link to yourself.
    • That's all!
    • Oh yeah, don't forget to tag others!

OK... brace yourself... here we go:

What's the last book you read that you thought was really super, inspiring, you'd recommend it to most anyone?

Oh dear... a tough one because there are at least 3 books I would recommend, as far as my reads this year are concerned. At the risk of sounding a bit predictable/obvious, I'd go for A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini because I can imagine to be able to recommend to absolutely everyone. It is a beautifully written novel... if you want to know more, just follow the link for my review.

What food totally grosses you out, you'd never be able to touch it? Ew. Gag. *hurl*

I've been now vegetarian for almost 8 years, but even in my meat eating days I'd never ever tried anything with innards....guts... yuck!

Did you ever watch a scary movie that frightened you so much you were afraid of the dark afterward? I mean like you're lying in bed trying to sleep, but you have to pee, but you're scared to get up. It doesn't have to be recently; could be when you were a kid. So what movie was it?

It was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974, Tobe Hooper. Me scared back in 1981. That was seriously scary... however, when I watched it a few years ago, it did not feel that scary anymore. Must have been because I was watching it on my own at night on an old b/w tv set...there's something about scary films in b/w, don't you think?

Is there a song that makes you dance every time you hear it? Would you tap you feet and sing along to it in public?

Easy! Disconnected by Face To Face :) Those guys rock! (and there are tattoos!!)

Tattoos: yes or no? Do you have any? Tell us! Do you think they're gross? TELL US!

Yes from me...I like them (but not if the whole body is a tattoo!!). I don't have any because I am a chicken and too scared of the needle...ouch! But... I've always liked some of those sported by many musicians in punkrock bands. So. I've said it now.

When's the last time you laughed so hard your ribs ached and/or you nearly peed yourself? What made you do it?

Hmmm.. I think it was one of the jokey allegations my OH made about me strategically placing boxes in shady corners of the house, so that he can stomp his toes on them... kind of a planned maiming or so. His description of the act was so funny that I had tears running down my face and could not stop it!

Draw or doodle a picture of your pet(s) and post it if possible. Nothing fancy, don't be shy!

Ok... this is my interpretation of Miss Eve:

Go through a stack or box of your old music. Stuff that you may not have heard in years. Pick one and tell us about it. Is it as good (or as bad) as you remember?

First and Last and Always by the Sisters of Mercy... the LP!! I haven't listened to it for aaages but I still like it...reminds me of my last year at the university and a very happy time (my sense for dressing was a bit off, though...LOL!)

Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal? We won't laugh!

Not WITH, but there's a few stuffed animals very close by my bed:
two bunnies, a sheep and an angel dog, all hopefully watching over my sleep :)

Time to tag some people now.... so, here my choice of victims:

- Azzuka
- Anya's mum

Thanks for the meme :)

Sunday, 25 May 2008

We got tagged! - part one

Hugo has not had contact with kitties as far as we know, but he got a surprise tag yesterday from Sophia aka Diva Kitty
It is the so called Three Names Meme and was started by Tara. Sophia knows bunnies have secret names ...she's a clever one!

Three Names Meme - Lots of kitties wanted to know what Tara’s three names were after her Mom went to see Cats the other night. It got Tara and Kavan to thinking of a fun meme. In case you aren’t familiar with The Naming of Cats, in the Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, by T.S. Eliot, we all have three names! So, in this meme, you must link to the originator of the meme (that is Tara), list the following rules, and then tell:

1. The name that the family uses daily (such as Peter, Agustus, Alonzo, or James) 2. The name that is particular, a name that’s peculiar, and more dignified (such as Munkustrap, Quaxo, or Coricopat) 3. What you are doing when you are thinking of the name that only you know, and will never confess (when engaged in rapt contemplation), that deep and inscrutable singular name. Then tag three cats (and let them know they are tagged) to give us their names.

Hugo's answers are:

1. Hugo
2. The Bun
3. Stretching in happy feet pose snuggling to Miss Eve.

Now Hugo tags

1. Zinger the Dutch
2. Olive (another Dutch!)
3. Myntti the finnish bun

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Hugo (and Miss Eve)'s update

Thank you to all of you who left messages while Hugo was at the vets... it worked!! I am happy to say that Hugo went through his dental (and anaesthetic) with flying colours. While he was under, at my recommendation they took an x-ray of his skull and a nasal swab to test for the cause of his sneezing. The x-ray showed only that he has quite long teeth roots, but nothing that would indicate trouble or a reason for the sneezing. Now we're waiting for the results on the cultures of the swab... probably they won't be back before 2 weeks, so we shall wait and see.
Hugo was a bit quiet yesterday after his return, and Miss Eve went straight into the carrier to say hello. First thing she did was give him a good wash...all the nasty hospital smells, yuck!
After I saw that Hugo was a bit more stable on his legs, I let both out in the living room, with the carrier still close by, and first thing Hugo and Eve did was to chin all corners, then go inside and have a good pee! It must be their version of an exorcism ;-)
I had to bring Hugo back to the surgery this morning for the routine post OP checkup, and with the idea of giving Hugo is VHD vaccine if he was well enough.
When I opened their crate to let Hugo in the carrier, both jumped out and in they went in the carrier... so I thought it would be easier to bring both to the vet instead of trying to get Eve out, and so we did. Off we went into the bunnymobile (my OH is the bunny taxi driver!) to the vets. Hugo was good enough to get his vaccination and 10 minutes later we were on our way home. Hugo did some thumping once back in the crate, but a few pumpkin seeds sorted out the situation :)
Now they're happily munching on a mixed salad made of cauliflower leaves, spring greens, carrot slices, fennel greens, celery leaves and romaine, after playing catchin' in and out of the green tube...

Friday, 23 May 2008

At the vets

I brought Hugo to the vet this morning - he was booked in since Wednesday for a dental, since a spur was detected at the last visit, when he got is myxi vaccination.
I have been keeping an eye on him and his eating habits since then, because I didn't want the situation to excalate to him stopping eating, but on the other hand I was so afraid of him going under the anaesthetic. For those of you who do not know, I lost Nik, my first Dutch bunny, while he was waking up from one of his routine dentals, last year in September, and this scarred me big time.
Since I have not heard anything from the vet yet, and it is already quarter past 3 pm, I think that everything has gone ok and they will be calling me soon to let me know when to pick up the young man ...
Miss Eve is looking sad and craving attention...she was quite distraught when I look Hugo away from her, and does not like to be on her own. Every time I go downstairs for tea or coffee she gets up and looks at me, and is more than happy to get a head rub and a treat, but I think what she really wants is her Hugo back for a proper grooming session.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Over the bridge and far away...

A few years ago, I lost my bunny soulmate, Sir Harvey of Glasgow. He was a mini lop the colour of well aged Scottish whisky and had an attitude to match his fellow Glaswegians. When he passed away, I posted on a rabbit forum on Care2, and one of the bunny slaves replied posting a poem that a friend wrote for her, when her bunny passed away.

I don't know how this friend's name was, but I hope s/he is ok if I post here the poem, taking the poetic licence to change the bunny name into Archi Ann's... she's gone and this is our farewell to her, now leaping among clover and dandelions with perfect feet, over in the country at the Rainbow Bridge...

Archi rabbit
fluffy mop
twitchin' sniffer
hippity hop

to fro
padded feet
thumpin' toes
bunny beats

hoppin havoc
vacuum fright
carrots cords
bunny delight

leapin' lepus
resting now
rascal Archi
Carri Ann's pal

run free, little one xxx

Sunday, 18 May 2008

New Order anyone?

I don't write often about music, but I was watching a repeat of an old Later With Jools Holland on TV yesterday, and New Order were guests. The first song to open the show was Crystal, which captured my attention after the first guitar chords... I think it is one of the best songs they have ever written.

We're like crystal, we break easy
I'm a poor man, if you leave me
I'm applauded, then forgotten
It was summer, now it's autumn

I don't know what to say, you don't care anyway
I'm a man in a rage (just tell me what I've got to do), with a girl I betrayed
Here comes love, it's like honey
You can't buy it with money, you're not alone anymore,
(whenever you're here with me),
You shock me to the core, you shock me to the core

We're like crystal, it's not easy
With your love, you could feed me
Every man, and every woman
Needs someone, So keep it coming
Keep it coming, keep it coming, keep it coming

I don't know what to say, you don't care anyway
I'm a man in a rage (just tell me what I've got to do), with a girl I betrayed
Here comes love, it's like honey
You can't buy it with money, you're not alone anymore,
(whenever you're here with me),
You shock me to the core, you shock me to the core

Keep it coming, keep it coming, keep it coming...

Monday, 12 May 2008

Sock Wars III - update

I've finished one....

My weapon

and working on the twin. Thanks to all the messages of encouragement! Hugo and Miss Eve say hello and they're enjoying sock wars, because it means they can roam in the back garden all day long while mum is sitting there playing with pointy needles!

Friday, 9 May 2008

I am going into battle!

Today, starting at approx. 12pm GMT, the dossiers for Sock Wars III will be emailed and then I will be gone from a while from the click click machine. I am a novice of the battle, and surely my skills (or lack of) in sock knitting will have me dead by Tuesday, 13th of May...and still I have to try! I love battles... knitting my deadly socks will be fun and I have everything set... pointy sticks and circular (depending on the pattern), yarn (I am using the TOFUtsies, TOFUtsies #799 Sole Searching sticking to the recommendation) and bunnies (they are going to be the calming influence on me!).
There's going to be something like 1,270 warriors participating...that's a massive knitting battle, and I am determined to kill my victim :)

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Disapproving Hugo

I took my chance and mailed the picture of Hugo resting/sleeping on Miss Eve to Cinnamon, and look....

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Life is good

Mum got a wrist rest for her PC...

...especially if you have somebun to lean on!

Mum got a wrist rest for her PC...

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bunny nurse

I am now a "real" bunny nurse! The vet checked over Hugo and Miss Eve, weighed them (hey... Hugo is now 2.35kg and Eve not far behind with 2.1kg!!!), listened to tummy, heart and lungs, checked teeth and noses, and the good news is that she thinks they do not have pasteurella (or snuffles), however Eve has some sort of infection and needs Depocillin. Dani then asked me if I was up to give her an injection a day, otherwise it would be taxi service every day for 10 days for us, and ...why not? So she got a siringe filled and instructed me on how to do it...just lift the skin from the shoulderblades, and it goes. With her help, it went fairly easy, and Eve did not mind - at least she didn't move or struggle, good girl! I was feeling a bit queazy in sticking the needle into the poor bunny, but it went away when I concentrated on the issue...get Miss Eve healthy!
Hugo's sneezing doesn't seem to be much of a concern right now, as everything is ok with him (and his nose is dry), apart from a spur on the upper right molar, which needs trimming at some stage.
So, we got then the myxi done for both, and we have a control appointment for Eve next week Saturday. Hopefully the infection will be dealt with by then!
And then, the vet gave me all these:

Loaded weapons
IMG_6853_for eve

together with a bill for a total of approx. £93.00 - but I don't mind, as long as my babies are well!

This morning, finding the skin to inject the antibiotic on Miss Eve proved to be more difficult than yesterday, but eventually I got it and she was good as gold, so I gave her a slice of banana as a treat. She must have been a bit cross with me, though, because soon after the injection, after I put her on the floor, she run off and did not take the banana straight away, but only after she saw that Hugo was also happily munching on a slice of it! Competition sometimes works quite well!
Still, I need to deal with the weight issue, as I don't want them to put up too much of it, so I got a bag of Supa Rabbit Excel Lite, which they like too, and let's hope that with the good season coming and more time running in the garden we can stop ballooning!