Monday, 20 July 2009

For a fistful of pumpkin seeds....

...and a piece of cracker we climb all over mum!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Update and bunny thank you

It has been a month since my last post... how the time flies when you're busy!
On the positive note, no news is good news, I'd say...apart from the odd scare I got last Sunday morning, when Miss Eve refused to eat and looked very sad and uncomfortable for about 4 hours. I then said to Mr D: "If she doesn't improve in the next hour I am calling the emergency vet service"...and look... half an hour later she started gobbling down on her salad!

Miss Eve is getting two drops of metacam suitably placed in a hole of the banana piece she gets in the morning for starters, and it seems to help with her mobility quite a bit. We're yet to pay a follow-up visit to the vet, but it is no high priority right now. Miss Eve does binkies and runs bunny 500s (well, her versions of the bunny 500 is not as vigorous as Neville's, but then again she's a lady and Neville is a boisterous young bun!), and when it comes to run for pumpkin seeds and banana or even a piece of wholemeal cracker she's very very fast (and often without ABS!).
After the runabout time, they can be found like this:

and then...


Miss Eve also would like to let you know that she is an expert chiropractor - see her here practising on Neville:

perfect paws positioning...and press...

More posts about my trips later...for now, thank you to all of you who kept Miss Eve in their thoughts, and let me send some more healing vibes to Fats - bunny kisses to you my dear, and much strength to your mum from all of us :)