Saturday, 21 November 2009

Visiting Germany

I promised a report on Audrey, and here it is!

I am pleased to let you know that Audrey was a very appreciated help during my recent trip to Germany. She helped me at the airport with some shopping:

and she kept me company in Berlin, here at the Hauptbahnhof (central station):

I went to get a freshly pressed carrot and orange juice, which we shared, and while I was queuing she kept an eye on our luggage:

Berlin Central Station is amazing and we would have loved to explore it in detail, but it was a bit tricky to move around with two wheeled piece of luggage. Because we had plenty of time until our train to Rostock was due, we waited a lot. She was very patient and did not complain, as there was plenty to look around:

Finally, our train arrived and we boarded. Audrey took immediately a seat in front of me, and as it was already too dark to watch the landscape going by, she settled with a good ghost story:

We arrived well on time in Rostock and after a brief taxi drive to our hotel, we checked in. The room was very nice!

And we ended our first day in Germany with room service!

A final note: while unpacking my handbag I wasn't at all surprised to find a pellet and a crunchy treat in my handbag. Surely Audrey consulted Miss Eve and Neville, and they recommended her to smuggle treats in my bag?