Monday, 24 September 2007

Can you resist a new yarn?

I have been dreaming of the Cashmere Island by Noro since I've discovered it somewhere on the web, and after a bit of procrastination (or shall I call it a yarn diet? what a ridiculous thought!) I went and ordered a skein.

Not long after its arrival, I was already on the sofa casting on for a scarf - and tried it on to the Zigzag Stripes Scarf of Debbie Bliss featured in Scarf Style...

By Sunday evening, despite having been out for most of the day, I had finished knitting the first skein and went off to get two more from Ebay.

I love the way the colour changes, and I think that this yarn would make a great Clapotis.
And by the way, I found out that the Cashmere Island sold here has 10g more than the one sold in the US... how odd is this?

Friday, 21 September 2007

Where's my nostepinne??

Well, it's official now... I am losing track of my accessories in the mountains of yarn that are taking residence in my house. I have been looking now for three days for my nostepinne, and cannot find it anywhere. I am in no great urgence to use it, but there are a few skeins I'd like to test knit and I LOVE using the nostepinne for making balls!!

Friday, 7 September 2007

Lady Eleanor entrelac madness

For a long time I've been admiring the pictures of the Lady Eleanor stole in SCARF STYLE, and then all of a sudden it hit me and ... I started two!!

The one on top is being knitted with Noro Silk Garden in shade 217. After I realised that entrelac was not as complicated, I just had to grab a skein of Rowan Tapestry (Shade 173 here) and give it a go. The thinner needles make for less growth per hour, but the gentle change of colours is a relaxing knit for the eyes, especially at nighttime. I am planning to give the Rowan stole to my other half's mum...her birthday is in January, and depending how soon I finish it will be a Christmas or birthday present :)

I am a bit worried by my obsession for the entrelac technique...yesterday, while stirring Quorn in the wok, my mind was playing with the idea of starting another project with Noro Kureyon... a bag to felt in entrelac!?!!