Saturday, 13 June 2009

Packing... visit Edinburgh for work, but I wanted to give an update on Miss Eve and Neville and life in this part of the world, before disappearing for a bit (bunnies' chorus: AGAIN!!!!OH, NO!!)

Miss Eve is getting two drops of Metacam hidden in a small hole in her piece of banana every morning - it seems that it is keeping her more mobile, but there are days when she doesn't feel like moving much despite that. Having said that, she's eating with gusto (hoovering away the oats faster than Neville can say "Yum!") and running for treats when it is time. If I am taking my time with the treats and dealing with other tasks in the kitchen, she will come over to the kitchen door to see why it is taking me so long...bless her!

At the end of the month we're going to the vet for x-rays and hopefully we'll find out what is not right with Miss Eve - but in the meantime thanks to all of you for all the good healing vibes, thoughts, prayers and candles (even the Spots had their slave Diana to light up one for Miss Eve!), as they seem to be very effective and our little bunny girl is more like herself these days!

While I was in Sardinia I had the chance to go to a special party: it was called "Naturalmente Bio: biologico, equo ed etico in Sardegna", a festival of organic, fair trade and above all local produce at Monte Claro in my hometown of Cagliari, a park that has opened a few years ago after a lovely work of restructuration of the site.

There were stands about alternative energy (solar panels mostly, as my town is also known as "the city of the sun" with approx. 300 sunny days per year) and mostly local produces sold by the producers themselves - see the lovely (and tasty!) organic veggies, wine and award-winning olive oils:

It has been a lovely week and got to spend a lot of time with my sisters and my parents - I even had to give some head rubs to the local inhabitants:

...yes, we know...cats are weird!!