Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Holidays

I have been waiting for these holidays for a long, long time! Finally, the office is now closed until the 4th of January, so I can catch up with things and spend also more time with the bunnies and my knitting :)

It was a quiet and relaxing Christmas here, just what we all wanted. We watched some films on TV, I did plenty of knitting and spent time spoiling Miss Eve and Neville, who really did see little of me in the last two months.

We had a few of days of snow in Nottingham too, and Miss Eve and Neville had great fun in playing in it:

Going through the pictures taken one year ago, we found some of bunnies of Christmas past:

Hugo's first Christmas with us, still a single bun!

Christmas 2008: Hugo with bunwife Miss Eve

It's some bittersweet memories I've dug out...Hugo did not stay with us long after that.