Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bunny nurse

I am now a "real" bunny nurse! The vet checked over Hugo and Miss Eve, weighed them (hey... Hugo is now 2.35kg and Eve not far behind with 2.1kg!!!), listened to tummy, heart and lungs, checked teeth and noses, and the good news is that she thinks they do not have pasteurella (or snuffles), however Eve has some sort of infection and needs Depocillin. Dani then asked me if I was up to give her an injection a day, otherwise it would be taxi service every day for 10 days for us, and ...why not? So she got a siringe filled and instructed me on how to do it...just lift the skin from the shoulderblades, and it goes. With her help, it went fairly easy, and Eve did not mind - at least she didn't move or struggle, good girl! I was feeling a bit queazy in sticking the needle into the poor bunny, but it went away when I concentrated on the issue...get Miss Eve healthy!
Hugo's sneezing doesn't seem to be much of a concern right now, as everything is ok with him (and his nose is dry), apart from a spur on the upper right molar, which needs trimming at some stage.
So, we got then the myxi done for both, and we have a control appointment for Eve next week Saturday. Hopefully the infection will be dealt with by then!
And then, the vet gave me all these:

Loaded weapons
IMG_6853_for eve

together with a bill for a total of approx. £93.00 - but I don't mind, as long as my babies are well!

This morning, finding the skin to inject the antibiotic on Miss Eve proved to be more difficult than yesterday, but eventually I got it and she was good as gold, so I gave her a slice of banana as a treat. She must have been a bit cross with me, though, because soon after the injection, after I put her on the floor, she run off and did not take the banana straight away, but only after she saw that Hugo was also happily munching on a slice of it! Competition sometimes works quite well!
Still, I need to deal with the weight issue, as I don't want them to put up too much of it, so I got a bag of Supa Rabbit Excel Lite, which they like too, and let's hope that with the good season coming and more time running in the garden we can stop ballooning!


Crafty Green Poet said...

Well done on doing the injections! I never injected Anya but my partner was happy to do it! I hope Eve gets better soon and that Hugo stops sneezing

YowlYY said...

Thank you :) I guess it's one of the things that gets easier with time! I couldn't rely on my partner for giving injections...he cannot stand needles and even when there's a scene on TV with a needle he has to look away :-D

DK & The Fluffies said...

As a bun can I just say.... OUCH! Fiona Bun

Rabbits' Guy said...

First, yea Hugo for done moulting!!!

Oh the shots ... boy that is a lot of needles. You'll be good at it!

Good luck. Still, poking that sharp needle into the skin .... eeerkk

The Bunns said...

As Bunns may we say Ouch too????

YowlYY said...

Thank you guys... the vet told me it is not painful for Miss Eve, but hey, wouldn't she say it anyway? I am only hoping that because it is subcut, it is less painful than intramuscular would be!! (still, Miss Eve shows me her disapproval after the deed...)

FrecklesandDeb said...

Best of luck to you with all those needles. Miss Eve is lucky she has you! Hope all is well soon!

Anonymous said...

Great job! I don't know if i could do it... sure you rise to the occasion but gosh it would be hard! you're a great mum!