Friday, 9 May 2008

I am going into battle!

Today, starting at approx. 12pm GMT, the dossiers for Sock Wars III will be emailed and then I will be gone from a while from the click click machine. I am a novice of the battle, and surely my skills (or lack of) in sock knitting will have me dead by Tuesday, 13th of May...and still I have to try! I love battles... knitting my deadly socks will be fun and I have everything set... pointy sticks and circular (depending on the pattern), yarn (I am using the TOFUtsies, TOFUtsies #799 Sole Searching sticking to the recommendation) and bunnies (they are going to be the calming influence on me!).
There's going to be something like 1,270 warriors participating...that's a massive knitting battle, and I am determined to kill my victim :)


Crafty Green Poet said...

Good luck - I hope the bunnies are helpful during battle!

Jo said...

good luck I look forward to viewing the battle from afar, in awe!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Shoe size 12 1/2, American. Prefer dark colors with stripes.

Oh, and knit three for my grandson. He wrote and said he had grown another foot.

nipper said...

Hi, pretty lady!
Thanks for visiting us, and especially for your kind words. It meant so very much to us to hear from a kindred spirit!

Hey, good luck in your sock battle - I WANT PICKS!! Woo hoo!

archi ann said...

that sounds like lots of fun! good luck!