Saturday, 24 May 2008

Hugo (and Miss Eve)'s update

Thank you to all of you who left messages while Hugo was at the vets... it worked!! I am happy to say that Hugo went through his dental (and anaesthetic) with flying colours. While he was under, at my recommendation they took an x-ray of his skull and a nasal swab to test for the cause of his sneezing. The x-ray showed only that he has quite long teeth roots, but nothing that would indicate trouble or a reason for the sneezing. Now we're waiting for the results on the cultures of the swab... probably they won't be back before 2 weeks, so we shall wait and see.
Hugo was a bit quiet yesterday after his return, and Miss Eve went straight into the carrier to say hello. First thing she did was give him a good wash...all the nasty hospital smells, yuck!
After I saw that Hugo was a bit more stable on his legs, I let both out in the living room, with the carrier still close by, and first thing Hugo and Eve did was to chin all corners, then go inside and have a good pee! It must be their version of an exorcism ;-)
I had to bring Hugo back to the surgery this morning for the routine post OP checkup, and with the idea of giving Hugo is VHD vaccine if he was well enough.
When I opened their crate to let Hugo in the carrier, both jumped out and in they went in the carrier... so I thought it would be easier to bring both to the vet instead of trying to get Eve out, and so we did. Off we went into the bunnymobile (my OH is the bunny taxi driver!) to the vets. Hugo was good enough to get his vaccination and 10 minutes later we were on our way home. Hugo did some thumping once back in the crate, but a few pumpkin seeds sorted out the situation :)
Now they're happily munching on a mixed salad made of cauliflower leaves, spring greens, carrot slices, fennel greens, celery leaves and romaine, after playing catchin' in and out of the green tube...


DK & The Fluffies said...

oooOOOOooo nice worm hole, at least that's what we call ours. The worm hole is the fastest way down the hall.

Anonymous said...

awww that's such great news and made me smile ear to ear! love the pumpkin seeds to sort out the thumping situation :-) so glad they have each other to play with.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Great to have some real good news about bunnies! Those guys seem like a good match ... and the green tunnel muct be perfect!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh i missed this one last time I visited, what adorable photos - great news that Hugo recovered so well from his dental