Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Winter Bunderland Swap on Raverly

I don't remember if I mentioned that I joined the Winter Bunderland Swap on Ravelry back in December, when Hugo and Miss Eve were still together. The idea was to sign up and, after filling in a questionnaire on likes and dislikes for both hoomin and bunny(es), get a match on one of the other partecipants, and be a match for someone else on the list. My spoiler was Maarit in Finland, while my spoilee was Kiki in Germany with bunny Eeschen - both girls are lots of fun!
While I cannot yet discover what I mailed to Kiki and Eeschen, because the parcel is still on its way and I don't want to spoil the surprise, I am more than happy to show you what Maarit sent me...but don't be jealous, because it is all really very very pretty!
First, an overview:

Let's start with the most beautiful, hand-knitted, felted and needle-felted minibag:

Maarit was so thoughtful and did a portrait of Miss Eve on one side, and Bing on the other. After it was done, she read about Bing not being the right match to Miss Eve, and hoped that it wasn't too bad that I had Bing on the purse...of course it doesn't matter... also because it looks as if Bing's felted image could just as well be Neville's :)))

Anyway... there's so much more in it... she did for me these beautiful stitchmarkers:

And look at this pretty mug (with Finnish sweets inside!) - you can only get these in Finland from a company called Arabia, and the artist is Heljä Liukko-Sundström:

Because it's a knitters'swap too, the yarn couldn't be missing:

It is a lovely natural yarn, organic as well, from a local organic farm. The label says, as Maarit translated:

this yarn is produced in a small farm. The text says: "The organic farm of Mannila, Gray Jasmiini, 100% wool. Our black and white sheep Jasmiini is a little shy, but she is always the first one at the hay rack and that's why she is motherly plump.

So funny!!
I also got some yummy black aromatised fairtrade teas, and a lovely handmade card:

Of course it was all about the bunnies...so here we go, some organic dried apple slices and raisins (I tried them with Miss Eve and Bing, and while Bing would eat the raisins, Miss Eve would only nibble at the apple pieces, LOL!) and a honey and seed chewy stick from Vitakraft (still in its package, see top picture on the top left).

I shall try the treats again with Miss Eve and Neville... when they come home tonight :)

Thanks again, Maarit :) You did manage a lovely parcel, despite having to prepare it while you were moving home!


bunnygirl said...

What lovely gifts! I just adore the mini-bag and the cup with the knitting bunnies. How appropriate!

Anonymous said...

I love the felted bunny imagery! I must remember to participate in the Ravelry event next year.

Maartsi said...

Yes, Neville looks much like Bing. I'm glad the mugs were still available. I think they don't manufacture them any more. They came out last winter.

FrecklesandDeb said...

What fun! It's always a treat to open a present and enjoy the surprises inside!