Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Lemonade and Hugs

We've got an award thanks to Cara aka Ankles aka Silver's mum and it is called lemonade :) We are very happy about it and thankful, even if it took us some time to come over here and acknowledge this honour (you know the drill, busy life, bunny bonding adventures, blah blah blah...usual bunny slave excuses)
It was supposed to welcome Bing into the YowlYY's warren, but alas, you all know by now that Bing didn't really want to be with Miss Eve - he was much keener on human cuddling and ear massage. Still, we are grateful for this award and will exhibit it proudly on this blog!

And because an award comes seldom alone, Miss Eve got the Hug Award from Crafty Green Poet!

This is a great honour and I will tell her as soon as she's back...which is going to be very very soon! The award should help during her mourning phase, and this is just what it did :)

Thank you both!

It is now time to pass on the awards, so if you are reading this and haven't received some lemonade and a hug recently, you've been tagged :)

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