Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A New Start

Thank you again to everyone who visited the blog and paid a tribute to Hugo Bun - I never imagined how much he was loved outside in the blogworld, behind these walls where he spent his last year of life, happy and carefree and with a bunwife ever so keen on grooming him.
I will visit each of your blogs one after the other, and say again thank you - these have been hard days, especially for Miss Eve, and your words did help, knowing we were not alone in missing our white bunny.
Miss Eve was very distraught after Hugo crossed the bridge. We brought him home so she could say goodbye, and then we brought him to the crematorium, where I collected his ashes on New Year's Eve. He is now resting on the window sill in my office, in a urn next to those of Sir Harvey, Nik, and BillieBun.
Despite knowing he was gone, Miss Eve was always looking for Hugo when she left the crate, even going all the way up the stairs to the first floor, where only Hugo used to venture. When she did not find him anywhere, she came to me, stomped and gave a little wimp to express her disapproval. So I decided not to wait too long, and last Friday Miss Eve was picked up by Amy, my bunnysitter and bunny foster mum, who bonded her with Hugo in February 2008. She is having a holiday with this lovely fellow:

His name is Bing and was found by a lady while he was wandering on a road between a village and Nottingham.

Nobody knows how old he is, but surely no older than 4 or 5.

As of now, Miss Eve grooms him every now and then, but there is not much interaction between the two. The positive is that there hasn't been any aggression either, so maybe even if it is not a hearts and flowers romance, it may turn into one with time. Amy is going to try Miss Eve with Dom as well, another bunny (blue mini lop) she is fostering, to see if she likes him more (and he her).
So, now the crate is empty, and clean and ready for Miss Eve and her new husbun...hopefully it won't be long, as I miss lagomorphic activity in the house!


DK & The Fluffies said...

Oh Bing is such a handsome bun! We're glad he and Miss Eve are getting along. We're still keeping you in our thoughts.

bunnygirl said...

Bing is a cutie, and it's hard to believe someone would just dump him like that.

I hope Miss Eve gets to feeling better soon, and it's great to hear from you. It's scary what a big hole a bunny can leave in one's life.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Bing looks to be deserving of such a fine one as Miss Eve - I hope it works.

This was on the blog of the CraftyGreenPoet the other day

dark clouds -
a balloon floats up
into a rainbow

We thought it was probably Hugo ..

d. moll, said...

I hope Miss Eve finds somebun to groom.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Poor Miss Eve, she must miss Hugo so much. it's good that she's getting on so well with Bing, who looks like a lovely bun.

(I see Rabbit's Guy got here first about my haiku!)

PJ said...

I hardly know a thing about keeping a bun but am so glad there have been no skirmishes and I know that it is a good thing. You are very brave and a good mum to think of Miss Eve and her needs and allow yourself to be bunless during this time.
Ranger Dog and THE 2 G-Kitties

Anonymous said...

Hi G! We're glad to see you back on the blogosphere again, and to hear that Miss Eve has been busy picking a husbun ;)

We hope Miss Eve finds her right match in either Bing or Dom.. which are really cute names, btw!

Anonymous said...

He is a doll, especially the last pic...bunny tongue shots are rare and difficult to get! I'm happy to hear that Miss Eve will again have a friend her size and shape! I did not realize you only had Hugo a year. That makes my heart break more knowing you know the pain of my losing O'Reilly after only a short year and a half. Thank you for your kind words and hugs as well.

I'm happy you are moving forward and Miss Eve will too. I'm working in that direction as well.

MatsB said...

Bing is absolutely charming, I do hope things work out well between Bing and Miss Eve!

Anonymous said...

Hope Miss Eve will mix well with this handsome bunn.. He has a pink baby tougue! We miss to read stories of your lagomorphes in the house.