Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Knitting again

I have a few UFOs that I need to sort out, for example the Norah Gaughan shawl that is still disassembled in their components, but I wanted to knit something new, springlike:
Spiral Nebula Shawl
this shawl knitted with Sirdar Tropicana answers my quest for spring - it is so green and soft, so nice...but I am knitting it on my Denise needles, since I have some extra long cords to use just for this type of work, but the plastic tips are struggling a bit with the yarn :(
I have ordered 4.5mm Addi turbo, and while I think that steel needles will be perfect for the job, I am not sure that a length of 100cm will be enough to accommodate the shawl. We shall see!

I also started a Clapotis using this:
 Lana Grossa Binario Print
It's Binario Print by Lana Grossa... very yummy, but...how do I join in another skein without knots? For once, I feel like being a bit anarchic and going against the Knitting Police...hmmm... decisions, decisions...


archi ann said...

i know what i think UFOs are but I don't think it's what you mean ;-) cool shawl

YowlYY said...

Hi Archi Ann, thanks for your comment! UFOs are "unfinished objects" ;-)

archi ann said...

ahhh thank you :-)

Ninni said...

Don't be ashamed of the UFOs, they are a natural thing in the life of a knitter :D

That's my kind of green, very energetic. That's going to be one lovely shawl.