Monday, 7 April 2008

Anya's meme of 5

Crafty Green Poet tagged Hugo back in February, and although I am very late I am back here to keep the promise...never let a tag slip unnoticed, especially when it regards bunnies! I am typing as Hugo is telling me his answers... So, here we go:

1. Favourite songs/music
1) the theme music of "Watership Down"...I bet all bunnies like it!
2) the sound of pumpkin seeds rattled in the tupperware
3) the bunny songs my mum sings to me (she only does it when no one is around!)
4) Ocean Rain by Echo and the Bunnymen - good thing Anya reminded me of them!
5) the song to a Honda ad for a clean engine car... plenty of white bunnies like me shooting arrows at the nasty polluting engines there >:x

2. Favourite toys
1) Owl! It's the only thing I groom - I never groom other bunnies or humans.
2) my large jingle ball
3) old pillows to lie under and sometimes chew
4) a willow ring
5) empty toilet paper rolls to chuck around

3. Favourite food
1) pumpkin seeds!
2) dandelions
3) banana
4) broccoli
5) celery leaves

4. Favourite activities
1) getting groomed from Miss Eve
2) getting head rubs and body massage from the humans
3) binkying down the stairs and along the living room
4) flopping next to my pillows
5) looking dignified

5. Bad habits
1) peeing next to the utility room door (I only do it when I am cross at mum, honest!)
2) digging in the corner of the living room (near the staircase)
3) not wanting to groom Miss Eve (but then she's a girl, so why should I?)
4) chewing everything cardboard (hardback books, and mum is not impressed...)
5) I too, just like Anya, am too adorable to have more than 4 bad habits... just ask mum!

Phew... and because Miss Eve wants her side of the story too, here's her take on the meme:

1. Favourite songs/music
1) the theme music of "Watership Down"...I like it too!
2) the sound of pellets being weighed in the kitchen (why she can't just fill the bowl I don't know)
3) the bunny songs my mum sings to us buns when she's giving head rubs and body massages
4) mum whistling calling for food being served
5) the sound of the paper bag rustling when hay is being served

2. Favourite toys
1) the large jingle ball - I love tossing it around and making noise!
2) Hugo's Owl... I give it a groom every now and then, after chinning it, because it's mine!
3) Hugo's old pillows to crawl under and chew
4) empty toilet paper rolls to chuck around
5) mum's jeans to pull and tug

3. Favourite food
1) pellets! gimme gimme gimme!
2) banana and more banana
3) carrots
4) broccoli
5) apple

4. Favourite activities
1) running around and binkying
2) getting head rubs and body massage from the humans
3) eating pellets
4) digging & chewing carpets and rugs
5) chewing books (see what I mean?)
Miss Eve and the bookshelf

5. Bad habits
1) chewing books
2) digging the carpet
3) chewing the carpet
4) chewing everything fabric (mum's jeans too!)
5) digging in the litter tray
PS: mum says I have more than 5 bad habits, but I am a Dutch and I am allowed to! >:x


Rabbits' Guy said...

MissEve and Hugo - a very welcome sight!!!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Great to read Hugo and Miss Eve's answers! They seem well matched!