Monday, 4 February 2008

Warning: knitting content!

We went to a Volvo Owners Club meeting yesterday (my other half being a Volvo driver and such), and the day was to be split into two parts:

1. visit of a private classic cars collection (The Patrick Collection at Kings Norton, Birmingham)

2. visit of Cadbury's World

Whenever I get the chance to sit in a car, I knit. Or read. So, knitting I did, progressing nicely towards the end of Danica.
Once arrived at Kings Norton, there were plenty of nice old cars to look at. We had tea/coffee and shortbread or fruit cake, and after a small welcome speach of the curator of the museum, he invited those interested in a guided tour to follow him. For the ladies that don't want to listen to him going on and on about engines, pistons and such, he said, there were more coffee, tea and biscuits to be had, and...My other half, known Mr D then looked at me with a grin and said "do some knitting", when the curator finished saying: "...a few old knitting patterns to browse."! I thought he was joking, and he had heard Mr D's joke (he seems to think I am a bit too obsessed about knitting, LOL!) but no... the man in the museum wasn't joking. See what was hidden at the back table of the coffee room:

And what did I do? I made the best use of my digital camera and took pics of all the pages!


flajol said...

Bonus! Why do I never find pattern stashes like that when I'm being dragged around to various sidecar races?

YowlYY said...

Hi Flajol... I must say I was really surprised to find knitting material in a car museum! Never this shows, you may find knitting material in very unusual places. I am indeed pleased!