Monday, 11 February 2008

Out in the garden

It has been a lovely sunny and warm weekend in Nottinghamshire, and I took advantage of the situation to give the chance to meet on a neutral territory to Hugo and Casey. A week ago, Amy (another local bunny mum) came to us with Casey (a three-year-old Dutch bunny girl from Honeybunny's Rehoming Rabbit Rescue in Leicester) to try to bond her with Hugo. I have thought that this time, instead of having a completely spoiled single bun or single buns, I'd rather have a couple, so they both can be spoiled, and can keep each other company when work takes me away from them.


Unfortunately, unlike the first attempt, that ended with Casey running away (she was a bit scared by everything new, including this white bunny that kept on humping her...LOL!), Casey decided that the best defence is attack, and that she did, with Hugo's fur flying all over the place. I quickly picked her up and put her in the other run, lucky to have avoided blood being drawn. So, they had two hours in the sun, digging and sniffing at the green blades of grass, and in the case of Hugo, arrassing me to go back inside. I think he needs to get used to spend some more time outdoors!

Please bring me back in!

Periscoping Hugo

Periscoping Casey

So, tonight Amy is going to pick them up both and try the bonding at her house. I hope it goes well, otherwise we shall try Hugo out with another bunny girl. Keep your fingers and long limbs crossed for us (the bunnies may cross their ears, if they please), will you?


pavotrouge said...

aaaaw, cute bunnies *swoon*

FrecklesandDeb said...

We have our fingers, toes, and ears crossed for a better bonding experience!

Wow! Look at all that sun! We'd forgotten what sunshine looks like!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh my, what a pair! Too bad they don't think so. Well ... maybe at the other place!!!

Sun oh swoon .... We live near Freckles and Deb and we have not seen sun for days either!!!! Maybe next Sunday they say!

Crafty Green Poet said...

they are both lovely looking rabbits, hope they do bond!

Shelly said...

Pretty Bunnies! 'Whitey' was happy to hear that you would adopt him if you lived closer. I explained that you live very far away and he would not like the long trip to get there! Anyways, he says 'hi' and thanks for reading about him & his siblings!

Anonymous said...

SQUEEEEE i love the dutchies :-)

Shelly said...

Dear Bunny Lover from Nottinghamshire:

This is Shelly's mum writing, the mother of the gal with five baby bunnies. We live in Wisconsin, USA. Shelly's neck problems recently turned out to be arterial brain strokes! So, Shelly is recuperating with me these days after spending four days in hospital trying to find out what went wrong physically. Shelly did not suffer much damage through the three strokes, so we are all thankful! Her father and I are staying with her so nothing happens again. She is also under a doctor's care. Anyway, she told me she had a penpal in England who also adores bunnies. (I love England myself--spent a summer there when I was in college. My favorite spot in your country is Ambleside in the Lake District. You see, I am an English teacher who loves poetry and creative writing, hence my love for the Wordsworth area. Boy, am I digressing.) Anyway, I wanted you to know what has happened to our dear Shelly. That's about it. I looked at your beautifu bunnies in England. They are gorgeous. And so is your knitwork.
from Mary