Monday, 4 February 2008

Fridges are for bunnies

I was instigated by The House of Rabbits at the other side of the pond to take a pic of our fridges to post on the blog. So far, only one picture could be saved from the 14 I took:

This fridge is in the garage, facing the run and hutch where 3 bunny girls live (mum and 2 daughters, permanently fostered here since April 2005).
I did not bother to take a pic of the upper section: it's the freezer and you won't see anything more interesting in it than a bowl of organic vanilla ice cream, lots of Linda McCartney veggie sausages, Quorn chilli hamburgers, more Quorn fillets, Quorn mince, and some frozen pain de campagne from Paul.
I am yet to take pics from the other fridge we have in the house, the one that contains the food for the bunny slaves, but it is much smaller. In spite of its size it is always half full of greens and carrots, much to the despair of my other half, the only meat eater in the house, who is always fighting to squeeze in the fridge an open portion of baked beans or stewed apples! Bad luck my dear....


Rabbits' Guy said...

Hey! It's got greens ... great for the bunns! Thanks for being a good sport ... I know it is hard for a proper Brit to do such an outrageous thing as put the inside of their refridge on the I-net!!!

YowlYY said...

Hi Rabbits' Guy! Yes, it's got greens...almost only greens as it is the bunnies' own fridge, really! Apart from some potatoes, eggs and extra semi skimmed milk for Mr D, all that goes inside is earmarked for the bunnies. It is particularly good in summer, when storing large quantities of greens is troublesome. Still, wait until you see "our" fridge in the house...despite being the "humans'fridge", half of it is full of.... yes, greens!! (it must have to do with the fact that I am vegetarian as's great, get to share dinner with the bunnies!!)

PS. I would like to point out that despite having lived in the UK for 8 odd years now, I am still Italian!! No way I can turn into a proper Brit...LOL!!!

archi ann said...

when i posted pics of the back of my mum's car full of 2 bales of Hay Fiona over at Diva Kitty passed out! you gotta be careful what you post! don't wanna cause a bun a heart attack! i wish mum had a fridge like that for us!

archi ann said...

Ha! Thanks for stopping by! Did you see Fiona's comment at the top of the comments where you were? that's where she passed out - my mum laughed so hard at that! i personally didn't find it very funny, it was a bun and all!

mum got 2 bales of hay, only because she heard some bunnies like oat more than timothy and she wanted to offer some variety. i'm training her well!