Sunday, 13 January 2008

Here goes the yarn diet...

I did not really make a resolution about stopping my yarn purchases, but was quite confident that I would resist temptation and the offers of yarn on sale of the shops. I was strong. Until Wednesday night, when I saw these beauties on ebay:

Copihue by Araucania #506

Aysen by Araucania #474

I had the excuse that I needed some 5.5mm Surina DPNs from the same seller, as well as a pair of 7.5mm Surina for MissPiggott, so I did not feel too bad. I did not feel bad when two days later the parcel arrived, either! Actually, I love both Araucanias...if I did not have so many projects on the go, I'd turn at least one of them into a ball to cast on.

During this week, I managed to cast on and finish a new Fickle Fingers Scarf:

Fickle Fingers Scarf

Not yet pics of the finished objects, as the weather has been not too good today, so insufficient light, again.

And then, the Lady Eleanor for my mum is also ready to go:

Lady Eleanor...finally finished!

I am planning to ship it on Tuesday, and hopefully will be on the sunny island by the beginning of the following week. After all, I must be quick... spring will be there in a few weeks time....


Süßstoff said...

You need to tell me when you start blogging like that all of a sudden!

I love that pink! What are you going to make out of it?
Oh, and the scarf for your mum is beautiful. I'm sure it's going to keep her real warm.

YowlYY said...

LOL! It was due to sheer necessity...I have to make a blog entry at least once a week, otherwise I will be banned for the UK Ravelry swap :(
I still don't feel comfortable with the blogging should be something that you feel in the mood for, and not out of pressure, right? I will do another entry later today...I have a few pics to upload as well :)

The pink will be used for a scarf or shawlette or a neckwarmer, on its own or with another yarn. Mind you, I am still thinking of buying some more of it, but maybe I shouldn't. After all, it's yarn diet time ;-)