Monday, 7 January 2008

2008: The year of the FOs

I just did a quick count: I have 3 UFOs that are progressing, one almost finished:

Danica in progress


Lady Eleanor Stole
The Lady Eleanor is growing

.... and 3 UFOs where the only thing I need to do to turn them into FOs is to find a suitable button/s and sew it/them on:

Tzarina Wrap
Tzarina Wrap

Bunnyometry aka Calorimetry:

Angora Neckwarmer:

Which one first?


Alice said...

that yarn in the neckwarmer looks really yummy - like icecream!

re: comment you left on my blog. I bet the Gaughan hexagons would work really well, though I'm not sure how you'd link them together if you wanted a boarder - I guess you could just sew, but a simple crochet stitch would probably be quicker. I'm a RUBBISH crocheter, but this is easy work.

YowlYY said...

It is like icecream... all the softness without the cold :) It is handspun by Zoe up in Hull :)

You're right about the boarder...sewing would be my first choice because of my paranoia with crochet. I guess I could start each hexagon with two rows in a different colourway to make the contrast work better...hmmm...
Thanks for commenting :)