Friday, 5 September 2008

Rain, rain...more rain...

I don't recall a more miserable summer since I was living in Germany, the year when it rained every day on a July. The bunnies have almost forgotten what it is like to be in the garden, but they are pretty happy playing with the new cardboard box in the evenings, while they spend the day snoozing away.

Yes, why? You object or something?

Yes, they like to cuddle up and sleep in the loo. Especially when it is freshly made and the hay is soft and smells so nice.

Favourite spot to relax

I have received a half finished pair of Detonators for Sock War III from my latest victim, the lovely Zippity, and they were finished off and mailed to my soon to be 3rd victim last Saturday. It seems,however, that my days as a sock warrior are coming to an end, as my assassin is about to finish my socks of death, and surely they will put an end to my war knitting. I am sort of looking forward to it, though... I was not so much interested in winning or in a prize, but in the experience of knitting socks for another knitter I've never met, and surely now I am looking forward to be the owner of a nice warm pair of socks, which hopefully will fit :)

In the meantime, I can show you my newly casted-on WIP:

Hypoteneuse in progress - day 2

This is going to be a Hypoteneuse stole for my little sister... you can see here my progress on the 2nd day of work. I am using Noro Silk Garden Col. 230 because I wanted to give her something colourful to wear on her dark jackets and coat, I am sure she'll like it! I am going to knit another stole in Silk Garden (different colourway) for my other sister, and was thinking of a Clapotis, but I am not so sure anymore... I am open for suggestions from you knitting folks!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Would that be Hugo and Miss Eve? Been so long I almost forget! Hi guys ... sleeping in the "box" is good in case the "box" goes someplace good! I think Lucky believes his will go to Chicago!

A not too generous Large sweater in that pattern and color would be nice!

Not much summer here either and now the days are much shorter and the nights chilly!

YowlYY said...

If you almost forgot how they look like is just my fault! I have been a bad blogger :( Hugo and Miss Eve say hi and hope that they don't need to take drastic measures to have me blog about them's scary!!

Ninni said...

Ooh, those Noro colours! If that was vegan yarn, I would be all over it.