Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Bunnies' benefit raffle - last hours!

I just found out following a link about this bunny raffle organized by Bridget in favour of the Heartland Rabbit Rescue. Bridget is a very talented jewelry artist (here you can see the goodies in her etsy shop) but also a bunny slave like most of us here. Time is running away, and tonight at midnight the raffle will be over, so...would you like to get a ticket or more for the bunnies?

I will be back later with a bunny memory post. And maybe some knitting.


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Thank you Gabriella for purchasing tickets and for posting about the raffle. Such a good cause -- bunnies! You are right, I'm a bunny slave to the very end. :)
Going back to browse through your blog now....

Anonymous said...

Hi Gabriella! I just managed to catch up with your blog. I'm so relieved Miss Eve made it through the sedation.. it's always so worrying when we send our bunnies in for procedures, isn't it! Hugs to her for being so brave and strong :)