Friday, 3 April 2009

Eating bunny is gross, not GREEN!

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I received an email from SaveABunny yesterday - I have been sponsoring since 2005, when I met Phoenix, the bunny who was doused in lighter fluid and set alight by a teenager (WARNING - Phoenix's story has some graphic images that can upset you!).

I am reproducing here part of the email for you to read:

Did you know that just because something is labeled "Organic", "Sustainable" or "Green" it
DOES NOT make it cruelty-free?

Does the idea of horse meat served in American restaurants bother you?

What about rabbits---one of the nation's most beloved, gentle family pets?

Kuleto's restaurant in San Francisco is offering a special Rancher's dinner featuring rabbit meat from Devil's Gulch farm. If you scroll down on the link, you will see from the photo of Devil's Gulch that the rabbits being raised are the exact same types as pet rabbits---there is a little Dutch and a harlequin.Click Here For Devil's Gulch

There are also young children involved with rabbit meat production and slaughter as part of Devil's Gulch "educational" programs. How can teaching kids to kill be "green?"

Doesn't truly being "green" mean reducing your "karmic footprint" and finding compassionate, sustainable, eco-friendly and humane solutions?

In this email, you will find the menu and contact info for Kuleto's, as well as contact information for Dutton Goldfield winery, which is co-sponsoring the event with a wine pairing to the rabbit dish.

Please let these businesses know that rabbits don't belong on American dinner plates anymore than do horses, guinea pigs, rats, and dogs which are all served in other countries. Don't be fooled by clever marketing and special events!

Ask them to be GREEN, not MEAN.
Yes, it's sad, but PLEASE DON"T LOOK AWAY. Bunnies like, Monroe, really need your help!

Since the rabbit rescue organisation is based in the US, I think it will be mostly interesting for all the US bunny slaves reading the blog, but anyone really can do their part locally, as I can imagine that a similar scenario can be found at our doorsteps in Europe too. Being Italian, I am sadly aware that rabbit is widely available there in restaurants but also at the butcher's, and you will see the sorry skinned bodies hanging together with the chicken, fully in display.

I won't eat bunny. But then I am vegetarian and if the food has (had) eyes, I won't eat it.
Unless we're talking potatoes...

PS: If you would like me to forward the email in full to you, please let me know at yowlyy at gmail dot com.


Fez and the Gang said...

I completely agree with you. I don't buy organic meat - I buy humanely raised meat.

Sam, Willow ,Samantha and Tabitha said...

I just read Phoenix's story - I am speechless

Anonymous said...

Pity Phoenix. He is such a lovely boy. Parents shud aducate their children to love animals. *sigh*

Crafty Green Poet said...

I'm currently reading 'Shades of Green' a book that lists the greener options for all kinds of activities etc, when it comes to pets they list rabbits as pretty green, 'because they can be eaten', which I thought was pretty shocking,

ilex said...

Phoenix's story left me totally aghast.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Fortunately a place like the restaurant, or Devil's Gulch, is pretty rare. Also, San Francisco and surrounds are in no way representative of most of the usa! We go there to be shocked, entertained, and the scenery!

And, if this is not working, blame Geo Bush!

Rabbits' Guy said... here you will see a bunny with Neville's mark!!

d. moll, said...

Know your source and be OK with it....Cruel teens are a result of poor parenting and a twisted society. I am so sorry Phoenix took such a big hit (tears).

Maartsi said...

I can't understand how somebody can eat rabbit or hare which is hunted here in Finland. But also it's not right to eat chicken which has lived its pour life in a little box. Or any other else. I have been a vegetarian for 16 years and now I'm learning to be a vegan because the life of milking cows is not very luxurious either.

Here in Helsinki there is a sad rabbit problem. Rabbit doesn't belong to Finnish fauna but people have abandonded their pet rabbits in the nature and they have bred and now they eat plants and dig on the graveyard and the city tries to get rid of them by hunting, traps etc. The local animal society tries to recommend more human ways to solve the problem. I feel really sad. :(

Anonymous said...

I don't and won't eat rabbit meat. Poor Phoenix.. it breaks my heart each time I hear of an abused animal :(

Anonymous said...

We have an award for u! Come and claim it!

The Fluffy Tribe said...

Mom isn't a vegetarian and when she was little her family ate rabbit, but she wouldn't dream of eating rabbit now that she is more educated about them. They are too sweet and intelligent (even naughty as they are) to eat. But some people don't see it. Eating fish doesn't bother mom, but the larger mammals do. We read about Phoenix when he went to Save a Bunny. He is an amazing rabbit. ~The Fluffy Tribe