Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Award time again!!

This time, we thank Mats at for this shiny award card:

Thank you so much...the bunnies are thrilled, although they disapproved as soon as they heard that you cannot buy a bunny castle with it. Bunnies, huh!

If you haven't seen the sunday flopped bunny and little Helge yet, go and visit Mats' blog. Now!


Sam's mistress said...

Oh My Goodness! ANOTHER one??? You really deserve it. You blog is very special!

Cheers! *tink*

YowlYY said...

Dear Sam's slave, thank you so much - I don't think the blog is really so special, but it is surely unique. Who else is so nuts about bunnies and knitting as me? LOL!
However, something is very wrong...I cannot seem to be able to make a comment on your blog any longer :( Is it just me??

Anonymous said...

It's not just you.. I can't either.. I've been trying to comment @ Sam's Place for days now.

And congrats on the award.. it's well deserved!