Tuesday 10 April 2007

Long time no see... but not dead yet!

Time to use this new toy! I have been busy with plenty of things, work for once, but we don't want to talk about it, do we?

I have been frantically knitting and going through my stash- not to mention getting some new yarns - and have started this over the Easter Weekend.
Damask is lovely to work with, although I have to watch what I am doing, as sometimes it splits, due to the viscose and linen, but I am enjoying the result. It is going to be a bolero jacket with 3/4 sleeves... I saw one in a very similar colour at John Lewis but the price was prohibitive (£46.00!) and thought it would be so much cheaper to knit one, so...
Right now I am finished with the back and the left front, can't wait to block it and sew it together :)
And since I expect to have one or two balls left after finishing the bolero, I am going to swap those with some in green to do a shrug for my sister.