Saturday 26 December 2009

Christmas Holidays

I have been waiting for these holidays for a long, long time! Finally, the office is now closed until the 4th of January, so I can catch up with things and spend also more time with the bunnies and my knitting :)

It was a quiet and relaxing Christmas here, just what we all wanted. We watched some films on TV, I did plenty of knitting and spent time spoiling Miss Eve and Neville, who really did see little of me in the last two months.

We had a few of days of snow in Nottingham too, and Miss Eve and Neville had great fun in playing in it:

Going through the pictures taken one year ago, we found some of bunnies of Christmas past:

Hugo's first Christmas with us, still a single bun!

Christmas 2008: Hugo with bunwife Miss Eve

It's some bittersweet memories I've dug out...Hugo did not stay with us long after that.

Saturday 21 November 2009

Visiting Germany

I promised a report on Audrey, and here it is!

I am pleased to let you know that Audrey was a very appreciated help during my recent trip to Germany. She helped me at the airport with some shopping:

and she kept me company in Berlin, here at the Hauptbahnhof (central station):

I went to get a freshly pressed carrot and orange juice, which we shared, and while I was queuing she kept an eye on our luggage:

Berlin Central Station is amazing and we would have loved to explore it in detail, but it was a bit tricky to move around with two wheeled piece of luggage. Because we had plenty of time until our train to Rostock was due, we waited a lot. She was very patient and did not complain, as there was plenty to look around:

Finally, our train arrived and we boarded. Audrey took immediately a seat in front of me, and as it was already too dark to watch the landscape going by, she settled with a good ghost story:

We arrived well on time in Rostock and after a brief taxi drive to our hotel, we checked in. The room was very nice!

And we ended our first day in Germany with room service!

A final note: while unpacking my handbag I wasn't at all surprised to find a pellet and a crunchy treat in my handbag. Surely Audrey consulted Miss Eve and Neville, and they recommended her to smuggle treats in my bag?

Thursday 15 October 2009

Thursday is for bunnies sharing...

...a bowl of salad with some fresh fennel!!

The bunnies have met last week after Audrey had time to refresh a bit after the long intercontinental flight. She didn't seem particularly hungry at first, but when I served the salad there was not much talking going on between buns, everyone tucked in with gusto!

More on Audrey soon!

Thursday 8 October 2009

Tock-tober with Audrey!

Hi everyone, I would like to announce the safe arrival of Audrey in Miss Eve&Neville's household!
Please excuse the lack of pictures and the small post - it is hard to blog when one's on the road... pictures and more on the encounter of the bunnies with Audrey will follow soon!

PS:Special thanks to Cadbury's mum, who provided Audrey with some proviants for the trip (a tub of dried banana slices and a large bag of craisins), plus some literature to entertain bun on the trip, and to share with us :)

Tuesday 6 October 2009

Tock-tober in Nottinghamshire

We celebrate Tock-tober in a double whammy, black and shiny and white with ginger and brown/tan spots...tail is coloured too (see what I mean if I say Neville is Orlando's lost brother separated at birth?).

Wednesday 30 September 2009

Bunnies' benefit raffle - last hours!

I just found out following a link about this bunny raffle organized by Bridget in favour of the Heartland Rabbit Rescue. Bridget is a very talented jewelry artist (here you can see the goodies in her etsy shop) but also a bunny slave like most of us here. Time is running away, and tonight at midnight the raffle will be over, so...would you like to get a ticket or more for the bunnies?

I will be back later with a bunny memory post. And maybe some knitting.

Thursday 17 September 2009